Welcome to per verse, Manchester's highly acclaimed poetry night. Hosted by the sangfroid Conor A, per verse is held on the last Friday of every month at The Briton's Protection pub, 50 Great Bridgewater St in the city centre, and aims to provide a platform for both new and established voices.

The evening features the successful practice of an open mic, wherein anyone may air their muse for a few minutes, and is an opportunity to try out rough and ready works in progress as well as finalised verse. Occasionally longer performance slots are available for those who really want to indulge - please contact Conor in advance to discuss your requirements and book a slot. The experimentation aspect and creative process of any piece is actively encouraged at per verse and forms one of its founding tenets.

Guest poets are now on the menu, and we have recently been blessed with such luminaries as Chloe Poems, James Quinn, Holden Caulfield & Martin Stannage to name but a few.

Infrequently a theme for the night may have been preordained and poets are welcome to take the often bizarre and not altogether sane subject and spout a few thoughts on it, mixed-in amongst the open mic. Any themes mooted can be found here on this site, but rest assured Winnie the Pooh will never be touched again.

Accompanying proceedings will be the infamous improv, now with added Word Bingo. Whatever that the hell that is. You’ll just have to come and find out. And each night is invariably interspersed with txt poetry, cropping up like a tissue in the wash and providing a voice for those bards stranded in a sadly per verse-free locale.

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